Now to get a little more personal…my weight has been a constant struggle my whole life. From an early age my HATRED of exercise played a role in my weight. I remember my dad dragging me down the stairs and putting my sneakers on trying to get me to go for a walk. While I was working in restaurants, my excuse was that I was always on my feet so who needs it! Well, I learned I do!

When I changed to a desk job, my lack of exercise and eating habits caught up quickly.   Two years ago, I weighed myself and I was 240 lbs. This was the heaviest I remember weighing myself, I decided I had to do something! I went to my first Zumba class. It took more courage than I ever thought I had. I was lucky enough to have a friend there, but I still think I was shaking like a leaf! I googled everything I could learn about Zumba to prepare. Well, I LOVED it! Since then I joined weight watchers and have lost 45 lbs (give or take a few it was the holidays!). I am still working towards losing more and becoming more and more confident with myself, just talking about this is hard! I hope to share this journey, offer any hints I have, vent, and be honest about how hard this really is! Also, I hope that this will keep me accountable, the more motivation the better.

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